Check a Credential


Check a Credential

A high percentage of financial advisors display letters after their names.

These letters are supposed to represent credentials they have earned through extensive study, examinations, and continuing education.

What if that is not true?

The Best Advisors

The best financial advisors earned their credentials with significant study, proctored examinations, and completing continuing education requirements.

In this case, their credentials mean they really are experts in their fields.

Some of the best credentials include: CFA, CIMA, CFP, and CPA.

The Unethical Advisors

Unfortunately, not all advisors earn their credentials. Some buy them the same way they buy degrees from diploma mills. 

They buy credentials to look more knowledgeable than they really are.

This is a deceptive sales practice. You would never knowingly select this advisor, but that is their big advantage. You may not know.  

Seniors Beware

Many advisors target seniors with this deceptive sales tactic. The Consumer Protection Bureau says there are more 50 fake credentials that target seniors.

If you are a senior, don't sign any documents until you have validated the quality of the advisor's credentials.  

Lack of Regulations

You might be wondering how unethical advisors get away with it?

First, there are no meaningful regulations that prevent these deceptive sales practices.

Second, this advisors know most investors will not take the time to check the validity of their credentials.

Third, the advisors know there is no easy to way to check credentials. 

Check a Credential

We make it easy to check the quality of credentials.

We have researched more than 250 certifications and designations that are used by financial advisors. Then we produced a report and a quality rating for each credential.

All you enter are the letters of the name of the credential to view the report and ratings.

The service is FREE and there are no registration requirements!

Quick Search:

AALU Associate Academy of Life Underwriting

AAMS® Accredited Asset Management Specialist

ADPA® Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor

AEP® Accredited Estate Planner®

AFC Accredited Financial Counselor

AFSI® Associate, Financial Services Institute™

AIF® Accredited Investment Fiduciary

AIFA® Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst

ALHC Associate, Life and Health Claims

ALMI® Associate, Life Management Institute™

APMA® Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor

APP Asset Protection Planner

ARA Accredited Retirement Advisor®

ARM-E Associate in Risk Management-ERM

ARM-P Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities

ARPC Accredited Retirement Plan Consultant

ARPS Accredited Retirement Plan Specialist

AVA Accredited Valuation Analyst

AWMA® Accredited Wealth Management Advisor

CAM™ Chartered Asset Manager

CAMC™ Certified Anti-Money Laundering Consultant

CAPP™ Certified Asset Protection Planner

CAS® Certified Annuity Specialist

CASL® Chartered Advisor for Senior Living®

BFA™ Behavioral Financial Advisor

CCTS Certified Corporate Trust Specialist

CEPF® Certified Educator in Personal Finance

CEPS Certified Elder Planning Specialist

CFA® Chartered Financial Analyst

CFC® Certified Financial Consultant

CFCA® Christian Financial Consultant & Advisor

CFDS Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

CFEd® Certified Financial Educator

CFFA™ Certified Forensic Financial Analyst™

CFG Certified Financial Gerontologist

CFM Certified in Financial Management

CFMA Chartered and Certified Financial Management Analyst

CFP® Certified Financial Planner

CFPN Christian Financial Professionals Network Certification

CFS® Certified Fund Specialist

ChE™ Chartered Economist

ChFC® Chartered Financial Consultant

ChFE Chartered Financial Engineer

ChFEBC Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant

CHFP Certified Healthcare Financial Professional

CHP Certified Hedge Fund Professional

CIC Chartered Investment Counselor

CIMA® Certified Investment Management Analyst

CIMC Certified Investment Management Consultant

CIS™ Certified Income Specialist

CISP Certified IRA Services Professional

CITA™ Certified International Tax Analyst

CLF® Chartered Leadership Fellow

CM&AA® Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor

CMA® Certified Management Accountant

CMA Chartered Market Analyst

CMFC® Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor

CPA Certified Public Accountant

CPEP Certified Private Equity Professional

CPFC® Certified Personal Finance Counselor

CPM™ Certified Chartered Portfolio Manager

CPSR Certified Professional Service Representative

CPWA® Certified Private Wealth Advisor

CRA™ Certified Risk Analyst

CRC® Certified Retirement Counselor

CRFA® Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

CRMA Certified Reverse Mortgage Advisor

CRP™ Certified Retirement Planner

CRPC® Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

CRPS® Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist

CRSP Certified Retirement Services Professional

CSA Certified Senior Advisor

CSC Certified Senior Consultant

CSEP Certified Specialist in Estate Planning

CSFP Chartered Senior Financial Planner

CSRP Certified Specialist in Retirement Planning

CTEP® Chartered Trust and Estate Planner

CTFA Certified Trust and Financial Advisor

CTS™ Certified Tax Specialist

CVA® Certified Valuation Analyst

CWC Certified Wealth Consultant

CWM® Chartered Wealth Manager

CWPP Certified Wealth Preservation Planner

CWS® Certified Wealth Strategist

CWSS Certified Wealth Smart Strategist

ERPA Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent

FALU Fellow, Academy of Life Underwriting

FFSI® Fellow, Financial Services Institute

FLMI® Fellow, Life Management Institute

FRM® Financial Risk Manager

INS Program in General Insurance

LTCP Long-term Care Professional

MCEP® Master Certified Estate Planner

MFA Master Financial Planner

MFM™ Master Financial Manager

MFP® Master Financial Professional

PFS Personal Financial Specialist

PPC® Professional Plan Consultant

PRPS Personal Retirement Planning Specialist

QFA Qualified Financial Advisor

QPFC Qualified Plan Financial Consultant

REBC® Registered Employee Benefits Consultant

RF™ Registered Fiduciary

RFA® Registered Financial Associate

RFC® Registered Financial Consultant

RFS™ Registered Financial Specialist

RHU® Registered Health Underwriter

RLP® Registered Life Planner

RMA℠ Retirement Management Advisor

RP® Registered Paraplanner

RFP Registered Financial Planner

WMS Wealth Management Specialist

FIC Fraternal Insurance Counselor

RICP™ Retirement Income Certified Professional

QKA® Qualified 401(k) Administrator

ABA Accredited Business Accountant®

CES™ Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™

LIFA Licensed International Financial Analyst

QFP® Qualified Financial Planner

CRM Certified Risk Manager

CFE Certified Financial Examiner

CFSA® Certified Financial Services Auditor

ChHC Chartered Healthcare Consultant

MPAS℠ Master Planner Advanced Studies

AFA® Accredited Financial Analyst

AFE Accredited Financial Examiner

CRA™ Certified Retirement Administrator

MBA Master of Business Administration

QFOP Qualified Family Office Professional

FSCP Financial Services Certified Professional

CEP Certified Equity Professional

CFMP Certified Financial Marketing Professional

CIIP Certified Insurance Industry Professional

CIPM Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement

CPIW Certified Professional Insurance Woman

CWMS Certified Wealth Management Specialist

RFA™ Registered Financial Analyst

CMP™ Certified Medicaid Planner

DCCC Digital Currency Council Certification

NSSA National Social Security Advisor

CFT™ Certified Financial Transitionist

ChSNC™ Chartered Special Needs Consultant

CFEI Certified Financial Education Instructor

CMFS Certified Mutual Fund Specialist

CPFA Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor

TGPC Tax Exempt & Governmental Plan Consultant

WMCP™ Wealth Management Certified Professional

CPRC™ Certified Professional Retirement Coach

MRFC Master Registered Financial Consultant

CFF® Certified Financial Fiduciary

MSFSnull Masters in Financial Services

MSF Master of Science in Finance

MSBA Master of Science in Business Analytics

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