Check a Credential

Check a Credential

A high percentage of financial advisors display letters after their names.

These letters are supposed to represent credentials they have earned through extensive study, examinations, and continuing education.

What if that is not true?

The Best Advisors

The best financial advisors earned their credentials with significant study, proctored examinations, and completing continuing education requirements.

In this case, their credentials mean they really are experts in their fields.

Some of the best credentials include: CFA, CIMA, CFP, and CPA.

The Unethical Advisors

Unfortunately, not all advisors earn their credentials. Some buy them the same way they buy degrees from diploma mills. 

They buy credentials to look more knowledgeable than they really are.

This is a deceptive sales practice. You would never knowingly select this advisor, but that is their big advantage. You may not know.  

Seniors Beware

Many advisors target seniors with this deceptive sales tactic. The Consumer Protection Bureau says there are more 50 fake credentials that target seniors.

If you are a senior, don't sign any documents until you have validated the quality of the advisor's credentials.  

Lack of Regulations

You might be wondering how unethical advisors get away with it?

First, there are no meaningful regulations that prevent these deceptive sales practices.

Second, this advisors know most investors will not take the time to check the validity of their credentials.

Third, the advisors know there is no easy to way to check credentials. 

Check a Credential

We make it easy to check the quality of credentials.

We have researched more than 250 certifications and designations that are used by financial advisors. Then we produced a report and a quality rating for each credential.

All you enter are the letters of the name of the credential to view the report and ratings.

The service is FREE and there are no registration requirements!

Quick Search:

CAA Certified Annuity Advisor

CAC Certified Annuity Consultant

CAIA® Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

CAM™ Chartered Asset Manager

CAMS Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

CAP® Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

CCIA Certified Christian Insurance Advisor

CCPS Certified College Planning Specialist

CCTS Certified Corporate Trust Specialist

CDFA® Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

CEA® Certified Estate Advisor

CEIAS Certified Equity Indexed Annuity Specialist

CEP™ Certified Estate Planner

CEPA Certified Exit Planning Advisor

CEPP™ Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner

CFA® Chartered Financial Analyst

CFC® Certified Financial Consultant

CFD Certified Fraud Deterence Analyst

CFDS Certified Financial Divorce Specialist

CFE® Certified Fraud Examiner

CFM Certified in Financial Management

CFS® Certified Fund Specialist

ChFC® Chartered Financial Consultant

CHP Certified Hedge Fund Professional

CIMA® Certified Investment Management Analyst

CISP Certified IRA Services Professional

CISR Certified Insurance Service Representative

C(k)P™ Certified 401k Professional

CLTC Certified in Long-Term Care

CMA® Certified Management Accountant

CMA Chartered Market Analyst

CMT® Chartered Market Technician

CPB Certified Personal Banker

CPC Certified Pension Consultant

CPCU Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter

CPIA Certified Professional Insurance Agent

CPM™ Certified Chartered Portfolio Manager

CPTx Certified Practitioner of Taxation

CPWA® Certified Private Wealth Advisor

CRA™ Certified Risk Analyst

CRPS® Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist

CSA Certified Senior Advisor

CSEP Certified Specialist in Estate Planning

CVA® Certified Valuation Analyst

CVM™ Certified Valuation Manager

CWM® Chartered Wealth Manager

CWMC Certified Workplace Money Coach

CWSS Certified Wealth Smart Strategist

CEBS Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

CLU® Chartered Life Underwriter

CBSIC Certified Bank Securities and Insurance Consultant

CIC Certified Insurance Counselor

CFC Chartered Financial Consultant

CRM Certified Risk Manager

CFE Certified Financial Examiner

CAPA™ Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

CRA™ Certified Retirement Administrator

CRI Chartered Realty Investor

CIWM Certified International Wealth Manager

CCE Certified Corporate Economist

CIA® Certified Internal Auditor

CFF™ Certified in Financial Forensics

CTP® Certified Treasury Professional

CCC Certified Credit Counselor

CExP Certified Exit Planner

CFDP Certified Financial Divorce Practioner

CFWE Certified Financial Wellness Educator

CGMA® Chartered Global Management Accountant

CTEC Federal Individual Income Tax Course & California State Income Tax Course

CKA® Certified Kingdom Advisor

CMFS Certified Mutual Fund Specialist

CFDWM® Certified Financial DNA Wealth Mentor

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