APP Asset Protection Planner


APP Asset Protection Planner

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  • Credentials (Letters): APP
  • Credentials (Full Name): Asset Protection Planner
  • Type of Knowledge: Investment
  • Sponsor for Credential: The Wealth Preservation Institute
  • Sponsor/Credential Website:
Program Information
  • Prerequisites: Unknown
  • Curriculum: Unknown
  • Type of Study: Unknown
  • Estimated Completion Time: Unknown
  • Examination Requirements: Unknown
  • Continuing Education Requirements: Unknown
Investor Functions
  • Advisor Look-Up: Unknown
  • Investor Education: Unknown
  • Telephone: Unknown
  • Email: Unknown
  • Additional Comments: No longer offered or recognized by the issuing organization. See Certified Asset Protection Planner. Any advisor displaying this credential is using a deceptive sales practice. Disclaimer: Since the time of this update, certification information may have been updated without our knowledge.
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