CFA® Chartered Financial Analyst


CFA® Chartered Financial Analyst

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  • Credentials (Letters): CFA
  • Credentials (Full Name): Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Type of Knowledge: Investment
  • Sponsor for Credential: CFA Institute - The Global Association of Investment Professionals
  • Sponsor/Credential Website:
Program Information
  • Prerequisites: 4 years financial experience and undergraduate degree
  • Curriculum: 3 program levels
  • Type of Study: Self study
  • Estimated Completion Time: 3-5 years
  • Examination Requirements: 3 examinations; 6 hours each; proctored
  • Continuing Education Requirements: 20 hours per year
Investor Functions
  • Advisor Look-Up:
  • Investor Education: Yes
  • Telephone: 800-247-8132
  • Email: Via website
  • Additional Comments: Most highly regarded credential that is currently available to financial advisors. Unfortunately, the website is limited to information that sells the program to financial advisors and supports current holders of the credential. Disclaimer: Since the time of this update, certification information may have been updated without our knowledge.
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