A Reliable Financial Advisor Fills Multiple Roles

You know how to change the oil in your car. You can mow your own grass and fix a leaky faucet. Sure parenting had a few curveballs, but you figured that out as well. You’ve lived most of your life with a can do attitude, and always manage to overcome obstacles. So why get help with your financial plan? Clearly you have nothing to gain by working with a financial advisor, or do you?

What does a financial advisor do?

Financial advisors can be life changing assets when it comes to financial planning. The role of a financial advisor is to understand his or her client’s financial goals then present the available options. Financial advisors work in the best interest of their clients, which means at the end of the day, you gain an advocate for your financial future. You are now able to enlist the services of a qualified advisor to help you with your company retirement plan.

But are financial advisors really necessary?

Financial advisors can be beneficial for many people for three reasons: time, education, and emotions.

When it comes to time, most of us don’t have enough hours in a day. There’s a lot that goes into financial planning so working with a professional may help save you valuable time. Considering a time versus cost comparison, a 2014 Vanguard’s study confirms that individuals who sought financial advice with their retirement plans made 3% more after paying the advisor’s fees than those who went at it alone. With a good financial advisor it’s possible to save time while potentially making more money on investment returns. This can be attributed to the advisor’s financial knowledge and the use of an expanded universe of investment options.

A financial advisor is privy to the latest investing options, and he or she is bursting to share them with you. An experienced advisor may also have helped clients with similar financial goals to yours, so he may likely be able to make suggestions for your portfolio. You’d work as a team: your goals and ideas put into action by a trustworthy advisor. Not only do advisors inform and educate clients, but they might also act as a wall between you and those really bad ideas driven by emotions and/or bad information.

I know the voices aren’t real but man do they have some great ideas!

At some point, everyone has acted on emotion. Emotion-driven sentiments are lovely for romance, but often don’t bode well in deciding how to invest your retirement savings. A financial advisor is there to be the rational guidepost when your emotions kick into high gear. Stocks aren’t doing as well as you had hoped? Want to borrow against your retirement investment to tackle unexpected debt? Convinced you’ll win the lottery and don’t need to save for retirement? A financial advisor can advise you in all these situations and more. He or she can list pros and cons of the various options available in your situation. You’ll likely end the conversation reassured, calm, and saving your emotions for another day!

It’s evident that even the most self-sufficient individuals can use a helping hand from time to time. When it comes to your finances, particularly your retirement savings, it’s worth working with a partner who will save you time while possibly boosting your investment returns. A reliable financial advisor fills multiple roles: financial educator, understanding confidant and a wall between you and a bad idea! It’s worth looking into the option.

Now that help is available…

Whether you have a dollar or a million dollars in your retirement account you will be able to explore the value of a real advisor simply by visiting the Self Directed Brokerage Account advisor contact site. From this site you can begin to take advantage of the features of your retirement plan.  If you wish you can also download a fact finder sheet that can be used to create your personal retirement financial plan.


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