Why You Need Independent Financial Advice

If you’re like most people you don’t associate “independent” with the investment of your assets.  You assume all financial advisors provide independent advice, but that is a very risky assumption.  Make sure you read our eBook, Why You Need Independent Financial Advice.

Most advisors do not provide independent financial advice. Their advice, which may be controlled by their firms, is tainted by their need to generate revenue and income from your assets.

We answer 13 questions for you:

  1. Why Do So Many People Invest With Big Firms?
  2. Why Do Wall Street Firms Rip-off Their Clients? Did you know firms do not rip-off clients, the executives who run the firms rip-off clients.
  3. How Can I Make Sure My Assets Are Safe? Did you know small firms are not allowed to come in contact with your assets. They must use third party custodians to hold your assets.
  4. Who Are The Independent Service Providers?
  5. How Can Small Firms Provide Sophisticated Advice?
  6. Why Are Independent Firms Hard To Find?
  7. What Registrations Do High Quality Independent Firms Hold? Did you know that high quality independent firms and advisors are Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) or Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR).
  8. Who Owns The Independent Firms?
  9. Why Should I Select A Financial Fiduciary?
  10. Why Is It Important To Pay Fees For Financial Advice?  Did you know you should pay fees to advisors for the same reason you pay fees to other professionals (CPA, attorney) that you depend on for specialized knowledge, advice and services.
  11. What About Clients And Assets?
  12. Where Do Advisors, Who Own Independent Firms, Come From?
  13. How Does Independence Help Me Achieve My Goals?

Big public firms have to satisfy the needs of shareholders, Boards of Directors, executives, managers,
advisors, and their clients. Whose needs come first? Whose needs come last?

Small independent firms do not have all of those layers. It’s you and the principles at the firm. They
have to meet your expectations or you will terminate their services.

Jack Waymire worked in the financial services industry for 28 years before he left to found the Paladin Registry (www.PaladinRegistry.com) in 2004. This investor education website was based on the Principles in Jack’s first book: “Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor.” 
The Registry also has a free service that matches investors to advisors who meet Paladin’s minimum requirements for competence and trustworthiness.

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