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Questions for Financial Advisors

Advisors do not disclose weaknesses. You have to ask the right questions and know good answers from bad ones.

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Check Advisor Credentials

Some advisors use fake certifications to convince you they are real financial experts. Check advisor credentials before you buy.

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Investor Watchdog

Is Wall Street your friend or your adversary? The correct answer is both. Read about Wall Street business practices that impact you.

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Robo Advisor and Online Financial Advisor – Is There a Difference?

A Robo Advisor and Online Financial Advisor (OFA) are the same type of service provider. They both provide online investment advisory services. You do not meet face-to-face with these online financial advisors when you use their services. I prefer Online Financial Advisor because it is a better description of the services that are provided by Read More

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How to Select the Best Advisor 

Do not select the advisor with the best sales skills. Select the advisor with the best qualifications, ethics, business practices, and services. We tell you how!

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How Good is Your Performance?

How good is your advisor's relative performance? Select a FREE Paladin Performance Benchmark and compare your investment results.

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Fire My Advisor!

There is a right way and wrong way to fire an under-performing  financial advisor. The right way minimizes your exposure to risk and unnecessary expense.

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Facts About Retirement

Good financial advice helps you retire on time and live comfortably for the rest of your life. Bad financial advice can be catastrophic. Know the difference.

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5 Retirement risks that impact you.

Accumulating enough assets during your working years is a major challenge. Preserving those assets for 30 retirement years is an even bigger challenge. 

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