Financial Advisors

Wall Street employs or licenses more than 650,000 advisors, planners, stockbrokers, and other types of sales representatives:

  • 10% are real financial experts
  • 10% are relative financial experts
  • 15% are striving to become financial experts
  • 65% are sales reps who are paid commissions to sell investment products

Percentages are based on Paladin's 11 years of experience vetting the experience, credentials, ethics, and business practices of more than 35,000 financial professionals.

Major Risk

All advisors claim to be financial experts. This is not true 80% of the time. This false sales claim and advisors' broad range in quality create a major financial risk. And, the less you know about advisors, the bigger your risk.

  • You win if you select a real financial expert
  • You lose if you select the advisor with the best sales skills 

In a Paladin survey, 92.7% of investors said they did not want salesmen investing their retirement assets.

Sole Responsibility

You can delegate investment research and decisions to a financial advisor. But, you cannot delegate the selection of the advisor. This decision is your sole responsibility. The more you know about advisors, the lower your risk. 

Investors & Advisors

Our information services are based on the six stages of your relationships with financial advisors who invest your retirement assets. For example, our information services help you: 

  • Find top quality financial advisors in your community 
  • Research advisors you know, but you want additional information
  • Select advisors with the best qualifications, not the best sales pitches
  • Communicate your documented requirements and expectations to advisors
  • Monitor your relative performance using Paladin Benchmarks
  • Replace under-performing advisors the right way