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Everything you ever wanted to know about financial advisors is on this website. What are the three types of advisors? Which type should I select? Why should I select a financial fiduciary? Why should I pay a fee? Who are the best advisors? You can find answers to these questions under About Advisors and Library on our top navigation.

Who Should I Trust? 

Wall Street employs or licenses more than 675,000 advisors, planners, stockbrokers, and other types of sales representatives.

  • 10% are real financial experts
  • 10% are in late stages of becoming real financial experts
  • 15% are just beginning the process to become real financial experts
  • 65% are sales reps who claim to be real financial experts

Sales Claims

Advisors use sales claims to convince you to buy what they are selling. All of the sales claims are verbal so there is no written record of what was said to you. The number top three sales claims:

  • I am a financial expert
  • Your financial interests always come first
  • You can trust me  Informed Investors

Informed Investors

Wall Street's biggest nightmare is an informed investor who does not make decisions based on undocumented sales claims. They make decisions based on documented facts. The more you know the less susceptible you are to deceptive sales tactics that damage your financial interests.

Paladin says.....

We create informed investors.


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