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Everything you should know about financial advisors is on this website. What are the three types of advisors? How do I identify real financial experts? Why select a financial fiduciary? Who are the best advisors? How do I avoid bad advisors? Does my current advisor produce competitive results? Am I paying excessive expenses? What is my risk exposure?

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Who Are The Real Experts? 

Wall Street employs or licenses more than 675,000 advisors, planners, stockbrokers, and other types of sales representatives.

  • 10% are real financial experts
  • 10% are becoming real financial experts
  • 15% are converting from sales to advising
  • 65% are salesmen who sell products for commission

Sales Claims

Advisors use sales claims to convince you to buy what they are selling. All of their sales claims are verbal so there is no written record of what they say to you. The top three sales claims are:

  • "I am a financial expert"
  • "My expertise helps you achieve your financial goals"
  • "I always do what is best for my clients"

Protect Your Financial Security

Wall Street's biggest nightmare is informed investors who know how to determine the quality of advisors before they buy. The more you know the less susceptible you are to deceptive sales tactics. Get the facts before you buy. 

Paladin says.....

We provide the key facts. You select advisors with the best qualifications, not the best sales skills. You retain advisors who produce competitive returns for reasonable risk and expense. You win when you have more money for your future use.


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