Check a Credential

You see several letters after an advisor's name. You assume the letters, the media calls them alphabet soup, mean the advisor is a real financial expert. This is a very dangerous assumption.

Real financial experts acquire certifications (CFP, CFA, CPA, CIMA) that require extensive studies, proctored examinations, and hours of continuing education each year. This specialized knowledge helps them deliver the advice and services you need to achieve your financial goals.

Lower quality advisors buy fake certifications for a few hundred dollars. There is no extensive study, examinations, or continuing education. They use the purchased certifications to convince unsuspecting investors that they are financial experts.

You would never knowingly select an advisor who uses this deceptive sales practice. 

Industry Regulations

Industry regulations do not require any form of disclosure that describes the quality of certifications. This makes it your responsibility to research the credentials of financial advisors before you select them.


Many advisors target seniors with this deceptive sales tactic. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says there are 50 fake or misleading credentials that target seniors. If you are a senior, don't buy until you have checked the quality of the advisor's credentials.  

Free, Fast & Easy

Advisors use this deceptive sales practice because they know most investors will not take the time to research the quality of their credentials. 

We have conducted the research for you. Our fast, easy-to-use service provides reports for more than 250 frequently used advisor credentials.

All you do is input the letters of the credential (CFP) and review the report. The services is FREE and there are NO registration requirements.

Unreported Certifications

You may run into a certification that is not listed in Paladin's database. You can submit the certification to us and we will research it for you. There is no cost for this service - you are helping us expand our database. We will conduct the research in three business days and notify you when it is available for your viewing.

Paladin says.....

How do you trust advisors who use fake credentials to misrepresent their expertise?

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