Check a Credential

A top quality financial advisor acquires a certification (CPA, CFP, CFA) after years of study, a proctored examination, and 30 hours per year of continuing education. A low quality advisor buys a fake certification for $195. He uses the fake credential to convince you he is a financial expert. 

Do not assume an advisor is an expert because he has a string of letters after his name. He could have bought them. Check the quality of advisor credentials before you buy. Make sure he is a real expert who can help you achieve your financlal goals.

Paladin provides a fast, FREE, easy way to check the quality of more than 250 advisor credentials.

Why Buy Fake Credentials?

Bad advisors have to convince you they are financial experts. Plus, they have to compete with the real experts. They buy fake credentials, the same way they buy fake degrees, to look more knowledgeable than they really are.

Why Earn Real Credentials?

High quality certification programs are the best way for advisors to acquire specialized financial knowledge in shorter time periods.

Where are the Regulators?

Industry regulations do not require disclosure for fake credentials. You have to protect your financial interests. One of the easiest ways to identify and avoid bad advisors is to check their credentials before you buy what they are selling. 

Does Deception work?

Unfortunately, it works very well. Low quality advisors know very few investors will take the time to check the quality of their credentials.

Seniors Beware!

Advisors who use fake credentials target seniors. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says there are 50 fake or misleading credentials that target seniors. If you are a senior, don't buy until you have checked the quality of the advisor's credentials.  

Free, Fast & Easy

Paladin makes checking the quality of advisor credentials fast and easy.

  • You input the letters of the credential (CPA)
  • You review the report and quality rating
  • You avoid advisors who use fake, discontinued, or low quality credentials
  • You select advisors who earned credentials with high quality ratings

Paladin says.....

The media calls the letters "alphabet soup". Do not assume the letters make the advisor a financial expert. Do not assume the advisor earned the credentials. Do not select advisors who have credentials with low quality ratings.

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