Deanna LaRue

Deanna LaRue is president of TimeWise Financial, LLC. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and opened TimeWise nine years ago. She specializes in creating a plan of action for individuals who are offered an early retirement buyout from their company, individuals who are near retirement or have recently retired, and individuals facing a career transition. “I love helping people. Clients come in with piles of information from their companies and investment statements and don’t know where to begin,” said Deanna. “I work with them to put all of the puzzle pieces together and teach them how to create an income stream for the rest of their lives. When we are finished and I literally see the relief on my clients’ faces as they tell me how grateful they are for my help—that’s what keeps me passionate about my job.” Deanna’s compensation is structured to meet each client’s individual needs. Since no two situations are the same, she offers both fee-based and commission-based structures through her affiliation with H.D. Vest Investment Services® and H.D. Vest Advisory Services®. After educating the clients, Deanna has them choose the pay structure that best fits their needs.

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