Five Tips For Selecting A 5 Star Financial Advisor

Exceptional RatingYou want a financial expert you can trust to help you invest your retirement assets. Every financial advisor you talk to claims to be a trustworthy financial expert. Are they telling the truth or is their undocumented claims part of a deceptive sales pitch?  Take a few moments to obtain a FREE copy of our eBook titled Five Tips for Selecting a 5 Star Advisor.  Here are some excerpts.



Let’s start with the challenges that you face when selecting an advisor:

  • They do not have mandatory disclosure requirements
  • They do not provide legitimate track records
  • Many use sales tactics
  • No easy way to validate their claims


You are responsible for making the right selection decision.  Knowing this you need to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Know good answers from bad ones
  • Validate the accuracy of advisor information
  • Minimize the impact of their sales skills

The Shortcut

There is a shortcut that can save you time and reduce your risk of making a mistake. Follow our five time-tested, Paladin tips. I’ve listed our first two here.

Tip #1. Local Advisory Firm

Yes, you have seen their advertisements on TV, but big firms are rarely your best choice. They have too many conflicts of interest. You are better served if you select a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) that is headquartered in your community. Or, select an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) who is registered with a local RIA.

Tip #2. Personalities

Don’t select advisors based on personalities that have nothing to do with their competence and ethics.  The one with the best personality usually has the best sales skills. You don’t want a salesperson investing your assets. Select the financial advisor with the best qualifications: Credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

Next Steps…

If you already know a financial advisor, use these Five Tips to make the right decision. If you don’t know any high quality advisors or you want additional choices go to Paladin Registry.

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