Research Tools - Overview

Gather Data From Advisors

Financial advisors do not volunteer information that could cause you to reject their sales recommendations or terminate current relationships. They withhold the information and make it your responsibility to ask the right questions to obtain it. Paladin Research asks the right questions and we document advisor responses so you have a written record if there is a future dispute. This FREE Paladin service requires registration because all data are gathered and reported in your password protected User account. 

Request for Information (RFI)

The RFI is Paladin's primary research tool that is used to gather data from advisors. You provide the advisor's name and email address. We send the advisor a link to an RFI in your Paladin User Account with an access code. The advisor logs in and completes the document. We notify you when the document has been completed. 

Any Advisor, Any Firm

You can use Paladin's RFI to gather data from any advisor at any U.S. financial service firm.

Our Questions

We focus on information that impacts advisor competence, trustworthiness, and business practices. For example: Advisor education, experience, certifications, compliance record, criminal record, method of compensation, performance reporting, and other important facts. This information helps you select the advisor with the best qualifications, not the best sales skills.


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