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Investor Tools

We know selecting the right advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make for your financial future.

This decision can impact where your children go to college, your retirement date, your standard of living during retirement, and your financial security late in life when you need it the most.

It is also a risky decision if you select the wrong financial advisor.

We provide FREE tools that help you select the best advisors for the right reasons.

No Strings 

A lot of websites use free offers to capture your contact information. Then they sell your information to third parties who inundate you with emails and telephone calls.

Not Paladin! 

There are no registration requirements to use the tools on this website. You retain your privacy when you use our tools to help you select the best financial advisor.

Control the Process

You can let advisors use sales tactics to control your selection process. Or, you can use our FREE tools to level the playing field so you can control the process. ​

Don't rely on your intuition. Our tools help you make better decisions.

Paladin Tools

Following is a list of tools you can use to research, interview, and select the advisor with the best qualifications:

  • Check Advisor Credentials
  • How to Rate Advisor Quality
  • How to Interview Advisors
  • How to Select the Best Advisor
  • How to Avoid Fake Advisors
  • How to Establish Advisor Performance
  • How to Evaluate Advisor Expenses
  • Guide to FINRA and BrokerCheck
  • Guide to SEC and Advisor ADVs
  • Advisor Dictionary of Terms

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