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R. Jeff Green

Rightway Investments, PLLC

7 Thorn Berry Place
The Woodlands, TX 77381

About R. Jeff Green

At RightWay Investments, PLLC, we provide a different standard in investing: Many investors place their trust and life's savings with Wall Street mutual fund managers. But Wall Street will speculate and gamble with their clients money by constantly trying to predict the future by stock picking, market timing and track record investing. Academic research has conclusively proven that this is a failing strategy that destroys the hard-earned life's savings of every-day Americans. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we will never speculate with our client's savings. The portfolio we use is based on decades of published, peer-reviewed academic research from the top universities in the country. We use Matson Money's globally diversified mutual fund investment portfolio that has holdings in 81 countries, with over 21,000 different stocks and bonds in 22 asset classes. This allows investors to enjoy the safety that diversification brings and maximize their average rate of return. This is what we call an efficient portfolio. All of our investment portfolios adhere to the Modern Portfolio Theory, the Efficient Market Theory, and the Three-Factor Model. We are here to help investors pursue long-term results using the Matson Method. With cutting-edge coaching technologies, we help investors stay disciplined throughout their lifetime. Our portfolios are GIPS audited. Can your current advisor say the same?

Also note we can work with 401(k)'s and 403(b)'s. It is not uncommon for an American household to have more than half of their assets in retirement accounts, but the reality is many 401(k) and 403(b) holders may not know that professional advice on these accounts is an option. Studies show that professionally managed accounts generate 3-4% higher returns per year, net of fees, compared to self-managed accounts. With this program, we can view, analyze, restructure, rebalance and monitor held away assets.

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General Information

Firm Start Year
  • 2013
No. of Employees
  • 2-4
  • 6224305
Firm CRD#
  • 168088
Insurance License#
  • 1052462
Name of Broker/Dealer
  • Co-Advisor: Matson Money Platform
Name of Custodial Firm
  • AXOS Financial Advisors & Schwab
States Licensed in
  • TX
Years of Experience in Financial Services
  • 25
Number of Years with Current Firm
  • 10
Work Experience
  • I became a Regional Manager for GE Capital Financial Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1985. As a Six Sigma advocate, I led the region in defining, measuring, analyzing, and improving the service side of our industry, which led me to Houston in 1993.

    In 1997 I recognized that long-term financing care was a big problem. I pursued the next step in my career by joining a sister company called GE Capital Assurance as a Regional Manager in Houston. I obtained an insurance license (which I still hold today) to leverage insurance to solve this problem. This gave me significant insight into how our aging population was addressing the high cost of care. The result: nine out of ten families chose to self-insure.

    Safe Asset Strategies, LLC was established by me in 2000 to address the 90% of those who face the high cost of care. Alternative solutions to private pay became a necessity. I had no choice but to learn as much as possible about how Medicaid and the VA could be alternative solutions. Estate Planning Attorneys soon recognized that my background would be extremely valuable to their practices. I could solve problems for their clients that they could not. On the other hand, my Safe Asset Strategy clients needed estate planning that I could not provide. Thus, I worked in an estate planning law firm for over twenty years.

    A new insight began to develop as I witnessed hundreds of estate planning client portfolios. What I saw was shocking. The average returns on retirement accounts were dismal. How could this be when an S&P 500 index, on its own, averages 10%?

    Today, I am the President of RightWay Investments, PLLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm (which has mandatory Fiduciary Standards). It was formed in 2013 to serve individuals, families, and small businesses with their investment needs. The goal was to revolutionize how people think about their retirement future and their American Dream.

    "A good portfolio is more than a long list of stocks and bonds. It's a balanced whole providing the investor with protections and opportunities concerning a wide range of contingencies." Harry Markowitz-Winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics.

    Using Modern Portfolio Theory (asset allocation driven by Nobel Prize-winning investing science), we can eliminate stock picking, market-timing, and Track Record Investing, which is nothing more than speculation. Goal-Based Investing can also allow us to target specific goals for our clients. Ultimately, we want our client's portfolios to be as efficient as possible, meaning obtaining the highest possible return with the least risk and lower fees.

Work with the following types of clients
  • Individual Investors, Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations
Foreign Languages Serviced
  • English
Advisory Services Provided
  • Wealth Management, 401K Rollovers, Portfolio Management, Insurance Products & Annuities


Registered Investment Advisor
  • Yes
Investment Advisor Representative
  • Yes
Acknowledged fiduciary
  • Yes
Compliance Disclosures in Last 5 years
  • I have a clean record
Criminal Disclosures in Last 5 years
  • I have a clean record

Qualifications & Membership

Securities Licenses
  • Series 65
Insurance and Annuity Licenses
  • Variable Life, Life, Long Term Care, Variable Annuity, Annuity

Compensation and Fees

Fee Structure
  • Fee-Based
Minimum Portfolio Size for New Managed Accounts
  • $250,000.00
Compensation Methods
  • Commissions, Based on Assets, Flat Fee
Fee % Based on Assets
  • .99% -.69%
Hourly Rate
  • NA
Additional Details on Charges
  • At times a $500.00 fee is charge to perform a comprehensive "Portfolio MRI".
Minimum Fee Charged for Managed Accounts
  • .99% of portfolio


N/A - Business
  • St Cloud State University
    1977 - 2000

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