Pope Francis has a Philosophy – What’s Your Retirement Philosophy?

retirement philosophyThink about the changes in the Catholic Church:  A Jesuit Priest, sworn not to ascend to lofty posts, now is the chief pontificate of the Catholic Church.  In only a short while he has brought back confidence and faith in the Catholic Church.

American Catholics like their new pope, with 89 percent having a “favorable” or “very favorable” opinion, and only 4 percent voicing an unfavorable opinion, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released in October.

Pope Francis has quickly laid out his philosophy to create a new Catholic order. He has commented that the Catholic Church should not focus so much on homosexuality, abortion, and contraception.  This has met with strong approval from U.S. Catholics.  Francis reaffirmed traditional church teachings, but said the church must “find a new balance” or risk seeing its entire moral edifice collapse “like a house of cards.”

A good Financial Philosophy allows you to:

  1. Spend your time doing what you want.
  2. Travel more.
  3. Give to Kids and Grandkids.
  4. Reduce costs.
  5. Reduce taxes.
  6. Have a better quality of life.
  7. Feel more certain in the decision you make.
  8. Give charitably.
  9. Have multiple forms of income.

What separates the great advisor from the poor advisor?  What separates Pope Francis from past popes is his process.  So, too, the difference between great and mediocre or poor financial advisors is process.

Do you have a Financial Process?  If not, I’m willing to bet you feel uncomfortable or at the very least unsure about your retirement.

Your process should be simple. You should know where you are, the next step you are going to take, and where you want to go.

Whether you own a business, are an employee in a business, are self-employed as a sole practitioner, or are in a professional service organization, having a simple step-by-step process will help you reach your goals.

Put simply, Dunn Warren’s 9 step plan is:

  1. Maintain 3 to 6 months of money for unexpected necessities.
  2. Pay yourself first!
  3. Maximize the benefits of owning your company and the tax benefits accrued to it.
  4. Create a plan to eliminate debt and your mortgage.
  5. Protect you and your family for healthcare and the unexpected.
  6. Invest in things that are on sale and have momentum and create recurring revenue.
  7. Develop an exit strategy and have liquidity from your business.
  8. Maximize Social Security, Medicare, and other government benefits.
  9. Create a legacy.

You may have a plan already and want to know if it is going to get you where you want to be.  You may not yet have a plan.

Having a plan in place allows you and your other advisors, whether they are lawyers, accountants, or insurance professionals, know where you stand.  To maximize your wealth, you need to feel ecstatic about working with your financial advisor.

Pope Francis has made it incredibly clear what his philosophy and his plan are. An 89% favorability rating is a strong show of supporting confidence.  Do you have this much confidence in your financial plan?

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