Stuart Berkowitz

Stuart Berkowitz was licensed in 1973 and became a trial attorney in St. Louis. He began securities arbitration in the mid 1990s when a CPA referred one of his clients to him. His background as a 20-year litigator and the son of two accountants was a perfect fit. Shortly after this case, he was sent so many additional referrals it crowded out all other cases in his practice. He greatly enjoyed helping clients retrieve their hard-earned savings from the neglect or misconduct of brokers, and decided to focus his practice almost entirely to securities arbitration representing customers against brokerage houses. A common theme during his 40 year career has been to help and defend people in challenging areas of law. He is the only attorney in St. Louis specializing in representing securities customers with over twenty years of experience. The victims that contact him are referred by lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors, as well as by word of mouth from other victims whom he has represented. He works only on a contingency and does not get paid unless the case is successful.

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