Steve Buchwalter

Steve Buchwalter has been representing investors against their brokers since 1994. He has testified before the United States Senate as their expert on the topic. In 2009, Mr. Buchwalter received the largest arbitration award and verdict in California for that year (of over $4 billion dollars). He is a graduate of University of LaVerne College of Law and was admitted to the bar in California (1993), and U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit (1993). Mr. Buchwalter represents individuals, corporations and non-profit corporations. His diverse experience has enabled him to successfully resolve over 400 cases.

The 4 Biggest Myths about Stock Brokers

Myth #1: Brokers are trained in financial planning.  Becoming a licensed stock broker requires passing a standardized examination (called the “Series 7″ after the type...

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