Martin Federici, Jr.

Martin Federici is happily married to his beautiful wife since 1999, have 3 young active children, is an avid sports enthusiast (especially basketball), healthy eater, regular exerciser, CEO of 2 practices with a fantastic friend and business partner, practicing financial advisor/planner since 2005, and loves his clients - life is good!

401(k) – What You Need-to-Know for Retirement

1. Make sure you are saving enough for retirement (if you need to calculate that number, refer to your enrollment workbook or discuss with the...

403(b)s – The Ins and Outs and Some Know-How

  403(b)s are a great investment vehicle for retirement for those who work for K-12 public school districts, colleges, universities, libraries, hospitals, churches, etc., and...

Who Do You Trust More – Your Accountant or Your Financial Advisor?

There have been many articles that I have read and poll results I’ve seen through the years that place the accountant and/or CPA at the...

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