Aram Durphy

Aram Durphy, JD is portfolio manager and principal for Liberty Hill Investing, LLC in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Durphy received his JD in 2003 from the University of California, Davis School of Law. He entered law school as a Regents Scholar, and while there he was awarded the prestigious Downey Brand Scholarship. Prior to founding Liberty Hill Investing, Mr. Durphy practiced complex litigation as a consumer protection attorney for the nationally recognized firm Bramson, Plutzik, Mahler & Birkhaeuser, LLP. In 2006, he left Bramson Plutzik to start his own investment management firm in San Francisco. Mr. Durphy is deeply rooted in value investing and spends much of his time on fundamental equity and microeconomic research. He lives with his wife and daughter in Oakland, CA.

Investors – Don’t use Short-Term Price Movements to Predict the Future

Short-term stock price market movements are inherently irrational and unpredictable.  Yet many investors use price movement to predict future prices. Investors make the mistake of...

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