5 Reasons to Meet with a Financial Planner

reasons to meet financial plannerFinancial planners help their clients build a financial portfolio and determine the best way to allocate your investments. This is commonly seen as a way to build your wealth, improve your financial status or plan for retirement. However, there are plenty of other major life events that would merit a trip to the financial planner.

You are Expecting a Baby

Children will have a significant impact on your finances. Not only will you need to consider how caring for a little one will impact your monthly budget, you need to think about how you should alter your long-term savings plan to continue providing for your loved one. You also need to consider how taking time off after your child is born will impact your financial status, particularly if you do not get paid maternity leave from your employer.

If you are planning on having more children, you can talk to your financial planner about how this will impact your financial situation. He can help you adjust your savings plan so you will have a solid financial setup when you decide to start trying for children again.

You were Laid Off

When you lose your job you have a lot to think about. You might be unsure how to sign up for unemployment benefits or how to allocate the remaining money in your account to cover your expenses. A financial planner can help you adjust your budget to make it through this setback with minimal difficulties. Your financial planner may also have some suggestions regarding what industries are growing which could help you find a new job more quickly.

Your Spouse is Sick or Dies

If your spouse becomes ill it causes several difficulties. You will need to cover their medical expenses including treatment and medications along the way. You may also need to take off work to provide care for your spouse which can be hard on your family.

If your spouse passes away from their illness you will have to address this permanent alteration to your finances. You will also need to address the expenses of planning a funeral. These can be very emotional decisions. Having the support of your financial planner can help you get the process of settling your spouse’s affairs started while ensuring you have all the tools necessary to manage these responsibilities without difficulty. Your planner can take on the burden of managing these affairs so you can focus on healing emotionally.

Your Family is Moving

Moving is expensive. You need to think about how you will move all of your belongings, what might need to be replaced or how you will finance a new home. You will also need to consider the break in your work schedule moving will cause or how you will adjust your budget if you or your spouse will need to look for a new job after your move.

The cost of living at your new home might be quite different than you are used to, particularly if you are moving to a different area of the country. A financial planner can provide you with more information about this so you can create a new monthly budget.

Your Child is Heading off to College

You may have been saving for your child’s college education, but when it comes time to send your child to college you will need to make a few more decisions. You will need to determine how to allocate these funds based on the tuition and cost of living needs that your child will have. Your planner can help to ensure that you don’t miss unexpected expenses such as textbooks, laundry or trips home to visit.

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