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Retirement Planners of America

2820 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75093

About Retirement Planners of America

Retirement Planners of America (RPOA) is a national Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Plano, TX, with 14 offices in Texas, Arizona, California, and Oklahoma that manages over $3.58 billion for over 6,635 clients. * Our credentialed Retirement Planners provide financial and other retirement planning services to individuals who are retired or retiring soon. Our ideal client has at least $250,000 in investible assets. For More information, call 866-551-1705 (*As of December 31, 2023)

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Firm Start Year
  • 2011


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Disclosures provides referrals to financial professionals. is not a current client of advisor or advisory services. Financial professionals pay cash compensation for these referrals, which creates the incentive for to make these referrals, resulting in a conflict of interest.

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