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Joe Harrish

Prime Capital Investment Advisors

6201 College Boulevard
Suite 150
Overland Park, KS 66211

About Joe Harrish

Prime Capital Investment Advisors is a people-first organization. We thrive on collaboration, community and culture. Like any true team, we know that we achieve great things by working together. Prime Capital Investment Advisors was founded with a goal to provide the range of products and services to meet the expanding needs of individual clients. That goal is made a reality with the hiring of financial experts who are passionate about applying their knowledge and expertise to help clients reach for their financial goals. Watch this video to get a peek into the value of working with a Prime Capital Investment Advisor.

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General Information

Firm Start Year
  • 1985
No. of Employees
  • 100-499


Qualifications & Membership

Compensation and Fees


Organizational Management - Business/HR
  • Colorado Christian University
    10/01/1999 -06/01/2001

Disclosures provides referrals to financial professionals. is not a current client of advisor or advisory services. Financial professionals pay cash compensation for these referrals, which creates the incentive for to make these referrals, resulting in a conflict of interest.

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Advisory products and services offered by Investment Adviser Representatives through Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC (PCIA), a federally registered investment adviser. PCIA: 6201 College Blvd., Suite#150, Overland Park, KS 66211. PCIA doing business as Prime Capital Wealth Management (PCWM) and Qualified Plan Advisors (QPA).

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