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Doug Miller J.D.

Northwestern Mutual

6011 University Blvd Suite 370
Ellicott City, MD 21043

About Doug Miller J.D.

In our view, there is only one financial risk: not having the money to do the things you want to do. Our job is to make sure that you can.

We build lasting relationships with our clients by gaining a true understanding of what is important to them. Our comprehensive planning and disciplined approach provides integrated solutions to make sure that our clients can successfully achieve their visions.

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General Information

Firm Start Year
  • 1921


Qualifications & Membership

Firm Information

Compensation and Fees


BA - Anthropology: Business
  • Vanderbilt University
    8/1986 -5/1990
Juris Doctor with Honors -
  • University of Maryland School of Law
    8/1990 -5/1993

Disclosures provides referrals to financial professionals. is not a current client of advisor or advisory services. Financial professionals pay cash compensation for these referrals, which creates the incentive for to make these referrals, resulting in a conflict of interest.

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