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Paladin Registry 5 Stars

This advisor or firm is a vetted, documented member of the Paladin Registry.

This advisor or firm received a 5 Star quality rating from Paladin’s research department. Paladin analysts use a proprietary algorithm to rate the quality of financial advisor and firm credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

Paladin provides free information services to investors who rely on planners and investment advisors to help them achieve their financial goals. Paladin is the only SEC registered firm that vets, validates, and documents the quality of financial professionals and firms (since 2003).

Raginn Fusaro

Financial Engines Advisors
Financial Engines Advisors, a financial fiduciary has been a Paladin Registry member since 2014. certifications and has over 25 years of experience. Chris provides financial services to clients in the Overland Park, Kansas area.

Paladin Registry Approved

Paladin Research must approve advisors before they are profiled in the Paladin Registry.

Approval is based on a comprehensive review of the advisor’s credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

Paladin Research also reviews public data for advisors that is accessible on the Internet. For example, researchers review the advisors’ compliance records at FINRA.

Advisor data is documented on profiles so investors have a permanent record.

Bruce Wood

Hilton Head Capital Partners
Bruce Wood, a financial fiduciary has been a Paladin Registry member since 2020. Bruce is the owner of Hilton Head Capital Partners. certifications and has over 42 years of experience. Bruce provides financial services to clients in the Hilton Head Island, South Carolina area.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a financial advisor do?

Financial advisors assess the financial goals and risk appetite of their clients and chalk out a personalized investment plan for achieving those goals. They use their expertise to guide their clients on how to save tax, get rid of excessive debt and plan for future contingencies.

When should I hire a financial advisor?

Ideally, Financial advisors must be consulted regularly. No matter how much you earn and where are you from, everybody needs a financial advisor to make sure that they reap the maximum from their income. A financial advisor is especially important if you are nearing retirement, planning a family, saving up for education, or thinking of passing on your estate to your heirs.

What are the different types of financial advisors? How do I choose one?

There are different types of financial advisors. A financial advisor can be a relationship manager from a stockbroking company, insurance or mutual fund advisor, a personal banker from a well-known bank, an accountant or an attorney with expertise in taxation and estate planning.

What are the certifications to look while hiring a financial advisor?

The certifications assure you that the financial advisor that you have hired has all the skills and expertise that you need to plan a personal financial journey. When you look to hire a financial advisor you will find a range of initials and certifications that they hold. Broadly, they are divided into two categories.

A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CFP (Chartered Financial Planner) are the more general ones. The CFP and CPA certifications are considered as gold standards in personal financial planning. These advisors know their stuff very well and have exceptional competence in a range of financial planning subjects.

While CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CLU (Chartered Life underwriter) certified professional can cater to your specific needs. A CFA can take care of your investment needs and CLU can advise you with the best insurance products.

What questions should you ask a financial advisor?

The most important question to ask a financial advisor is whether he is a fiduciary or not? A fiduciary works in the best interest of his client. Next, you must ask him about his certifications, and experience. You must always pick an advisor who has the best certifications like CPA, CFP, and CFA and at least, with a couple of years of experience. You can also ask him about his cost or fee. Always look for a fee-only advisor and make sure they don’t get commissions for selling financial products.

How does my financial advisor get paid?

There are broadly three different types of advisors.


If you hire a commission-based financial advisor then you will have to pay a percentage of your budget as commission and the rest of the amount will be invested in the financial products and instruments.


Fee-only financial advisors charge a certain flat fee for their advice. The fee depends on the years of experience, expertise, and certifications that financial advisors hold. They do not get any kind of commissions out of the financial products recommended by them.

Fee-based (Commissions and fees)

These advisors charge a combination of both commissions and fees.

Can I be my own financial advisor?

Many people have saved thousands of dollars each year by just consulting a financial advisor. Usually, people try to manage their own finances and thus are not able to draw maximum benefit out of their savings. Financial planning is quite complex and requires a lot of expertise. An experienced financial expert can help you chalk out the best plans for you and safeguard your financial future.

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