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Who are the Best Financial Advisors?

They are not the advisors who bought you a "free" lunch or invited you to attend a "free", no strings attached seminar. They are not the advisors who buy free drinks at the club or pay for golf.

These popular sales tactics are used by sales representatives who rely on on their marketing skills to make a living. Higher quality financial advisors do not resort to deceptive sales tactics to meet prospective clients.

  • Satisfied current clients refer them to new clients (friends, family, associates). 
  • Many of the best advisors do not have great sales skills. They are great advisors because they are intellectual, analytical, and quantitative.

Do yourself a favor. The next time you select a financial advisor pick the quiet, introspective professional over the flashy, high octane, self-proclaimed investment guru. You will have a lot more money later if you select advisors based on a careful review of their:

  • Education (degrees, majors)
  • Financial services experience (more years are better)
  • Certifications & Designations (CFA®, CIMA®, CFP®, and CPA/PFS® are best)
  • Memberships in associations with substantial continuing education requirements (CFA Institute, NAPFA, FPA)
  • Clean compliance records (FINRA, SEC, state securities commissioners)
  • Acknowledged fiduciary (yes)
  • Method of compensation (fees are best)

You have to use objectivity to minimize the impact of advisor personalities and sales skills that have nothing to do with investment expertise and ethical treatment of clients.

The most dangerous advisors have great personalities, superior sales skills, and hidden agendas that are not disclosed to you.

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