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Replace My Financial Advisor

Every year millions of Americans terminate financial advisors because they fail to meet expectations for performance, risk management, expenses, or servicing. So, what happens next? Do you file a claim? Do you find another advisor? Do you manage your own assets?  

The Right Way

There is a right way to terminate an advisor that minimizes your exposure to unnecessary risk and expense and there is a wrong way. Paladin provides FREE information that helps you terminate advisors the right way.

The Friendly Adversary

Advisors are your best friends when they make money from your assets. Terminate the relationship and watch what happens. The termination stops their income and and their relationship with you. If you decide to file a claim, because you believe you were damaged by the advisor, you are dealing with an adversary.  

Illegal Advice

Bad advice advice is legal. There is no regulation that says advisors have to provide competent advice. It is your responsibility to determine if advisors are real financial experts. Although rare, illegal activities do occur (Bernie Madoff). And, unregistered advisor sell investment products that are illegal scams. Contact the FBI or local law enforcement immediately if you believe you have been damaged by an illegal investment activity.

Top Three Claims

There are three types of frequent claims:

  • Unsuitable investment recommendations
  • Lack of supervision of registered representatives
  • Lack of due diligence for investment products

If you suffered damages you can walk away or you can file a claim to recover some of all of the losses. If you decide to file a claim, make sure you talk to an attorney BEFORE you terminate the advisor. Advisors and firms use anti-investor business practices to minimize their liability.


Every financial service agreement has a clause that forces you into an arbitration process that is controlled by FINRA. You have a one in three chance of winning a percentage of your claim amount if you select the right attorney, have a legitimate claim, and have supporting documents. If you prevail, FINRA says 92% of all claims are settled and the average settlement amount is 37%. 

Click Here to learn more about the arbitration process.

Securities Lawyers

There are approximately 200 law firms in the U.S. that specialize in securities law and filing legal claims against Wall Street firms and advisors. Most of these firms work with clients on a regional or nationwide basis. We strongly suggest you select an attorney who specializes in securities law.

Click on this link ( and we will connect you to a securities attorney who can answer your questions. There is no fee or obligation for this service.

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