Smart philanthropy for a real and lasting legacy

Presented by: Charles Auerbach

The principals of Wealth Strategies Group strongly believe in the importance of philanthropy and the need for those who are blessed and bountiful to give back something to those less fortunate among us. We maintain a strong commitment to our community and recognize the need to be good corporate citizens as well. We also know that businesses grow best when the communities in which they operate are stable and healthy.


It is for this reason that we contribute to worthy causes and devote our time and energy in leadership positions to help our favorite charities grow and prosper. We carry this commitment into our daily practice by dedicating the resources and talents of our firm towards educating clients about planned giving strategies and opportunities. We also know that a true legacy is more than just money.

Passing down values, not just valuables, is what creates the most meaningful impact on generations to come.


WSG has two specific programs that address these needs:


►Share the Wealth Strategies is a program built on a simple philosophy: A dollar goes further when invested wisely and used prudently. We apply this philosophy to charitable giving in two ways: We work with the development department or board of directors of nonprofit agencies to identify and counsel planned giving candidates within the agency’s donor base. We can show each donor in easy to understand terms the unique benefits of a myriad of planned giving strategies, and help him select the donation vehicle that is right for his unique situation. In essence, we provide the benefit of a planned giving officer to small and midsized charities who seldom have that luxury. Donors have a right to know that their dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently. This is why we also provide consulting services to agencies to help them make prudent use of funds and to be able to demonstrate that fact.


►Generation to Generation is a multi-phase coaching and mentoring program designed to help individuals discover and identify their core values and beliefs— the intangible assets they hold dear and want to pass to their children, grandchildren and generations yet unborn. By getting the client to commit this to writing in the form of a Vision Statement, these values are permanently memorialized and can take on every bit as much importance as having a last will and testament. We call this creating a plan for the passage of values along with valuables. History shows too well that inheritors of physical assets who are not taught the history behind the creation of those assets and the values ascribed to the assets by the wealth creator, will oftentimes squander their bounty and divide family members. On the other hand, when those creating wealth devote the time and effort towards teaching their heirs to respect and honor the values behind which the wealth was created, families come closer together, and the true legacy of the wealth creator is perpetuated.


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