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Robert Harwood
Harwood Financial Group
Tampa, FL
Business Philosophy

Our reputation is built on a long track record of working with people who like to succeed -- people like you. Our process is sound and solid: we define your goals, review your assets, analyze your needs, provide recommendations, implement execution, monitor track your progress, and make any adjustments as warranted. We take the holistic view and provide you the comfort and knowledge that your investments will be managed in a conservative and well thought out manner. We do this by clearly communicating with you and understanding your needs, and by mapping out a plan and picking the investments that we truly believe are right for your particular situation. It is not about hitting a "homerun" in the markets, it is about advancing toward your financial goals "one base at a time." It is about growing and protecting your wealth so that you can enjoy your retirement and the fruits of your labors. That's our job, and we do it well. If you want to secure your financial future, let us show you how.

Allen Osgood
Financial Freedom, LLC
Sarasota, FL
Business Philosophy

Financial Freedom provides Fee-Only Wealth Management Services which includes comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve their life goals and objectives. Unlike many planners, we are Fee-Only Financial Planners. Fee-only planners are compensated solely on the basis of fees paid by their clients and do not accept any commissions or compensation from any other sources. This form of compensation should provide you wi

Michael Moffa
Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc.
Tampa, FL
Business Philosophy

At Prosperity Wealth Advisors, Inc., We focus on clients whom we believe we can help make a lasting difference in pursuing their financial objectives and goals. As a boutique firm, we offer a comprehensive suite of investment management and wealth planning strategies, serving exclusive clientele of individuals, business owners, and affluent & ultra-high-net-worth individuals in order to provide high-level, personalized advisory service. Our team specializes in serving clients experiencing major life changes, such as women in transition, family stewards, or thriving retirees. Whatever their particular needs, all of our clients share a common goal: to protect and grow their assets.

Robert Klosterman
White Oaks Investment Management, Inc.
Longboat Key, FL
Business Philosophy

Our purpose is to provide process, top shelf expertise and effective strategy to help our clients meet their goals and dreams. By engaging the expertise of our team of CFP's, CPA and Chartered Financial Analyst we will follow a unique process designed to get to know you and your situation and then present only ideas that we ourselves would use in your situation. We accept no third party compensation from any source and work on a fee-only basis to assure your interests are our top priority.

Thomas Tyler Jr.
Fiduciary Consulting Group, Inc.
Venice, FL
Business Philosophy

Our mission is to help our clients reach financial goals through the financial planning process. Long term financial plans are implemented with the realization that some investors need growth while others just want to protect what they have. The most important investment decision is asset allocation, which decision determines the risk of a portfolio. Market returns are best captured in the long run through the use of low cost, tax efficient, passively managed funds such as Dimensional Funds.

Edward McDonough
McDonough Capital Management
Orlando, FL
Business Philosophy

We provide personalized financial solutions and tailored recommendations that help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. Our open architected solutions put your interests first. We know your hopes and dreams include sending your children to the right schools and maintaining a financially independent and worry free retirement. Our motto is Knowledge, Integrity and Trust. Let our knowledge work for you.

David Morgan
R.E.A.P., LLC & REAP in Wealth Management, LLC
Lake Mary, FL
Business Philosophy

Fully multi-disciplinary approach

Michael Franklin
Franklin Legacy Financial, LLC
Oviedo, FL
Business Philosophy

No matter your situation, I believe one should first lay a financial foundation which includes establishing a cash reserve in the event of an emergency and have adequate protection in the event of a critical illness, injury, or premature death. Once your adequately covered in those areas we can begin to look at investments with the goal of keeping pace or outpacing inflation based on your tolerance for risk. Also, I believe it is imperative to have an income strategy in place to replace your income when you are no longer working or collecting a paycheck. Having a financial plan can help make a difference.

Chris F. Parker
Parker Financial Planning, LLC.
Port Charlotte, FL
Business Philosophy

I believe in the power of a personal financial plan. The plan is the key starting point to help a client move towards their goals. Our core mission is to provide access to affordable, objective, fee-for-service, and competent personal financial planning services.

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