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Monitor My Performance

Most investors let advisors monitor themselves. This is like letting a fox guard your henhouse (assets) and report the number of chickens you have at the end of each month. Advisors have a conflict of interest - their favorite food is chicken.  

Competitive Results

You pay your advisor a lot of money to deliver competitive results. But, how do you determine if your results are competitive? You should compare your results to an independent benchmark that is not controlled by your advisor.   


You need a process for monitoring your advisor's results that is not controlled by your advisor. The process has to be easy-to-use. It does not require a lot of time and you do not not have to input data. The process provides insight into the competitiveness of your investment performance in two minutes or less.

Performance Benchmarks

Paladin developed five Benchmarks so you can monitor your "relative" performance yourself. The FREE Benchmark data vary by risk and reward. You select the Benchmark that best fits your return objective, tolerance for risk, and circumstances.

How it Works

Compare the performance number that is provided by your advisor to the performance of your Paladin Benchmark for different time periods (monthly, quarterly, year-to-date, annually). Red flags should go up if your advisor does not provide performance reports or his results consistently lag the returns of your Paladin Benchmark.

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