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Nicholas Terezis
Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC
Steubenville, OH
Business Philosophy

Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC is a FEE-ONLY investment manager formed under the premise that every investor deserves completely objective investment advice. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to investing is not best for investors. We create custom-made investment portfolios based on a client's unique financial goals, risk tolerances, investment return expectations, investment horizons, tax bracket, and cash flow needs. Each client has ongoing, direct access to their portfolio manager. We have no conflicts of interest - we are only compensated directly by our clients and receive no commissions or economic reward from any other party. Our goal is to maximize our client's wealth over the long term, not our own!

Chris Rondinelli
Seven Fields Wealth Management
Seven Fields, PA
Business Philosophy

We help clients make informed choices with their money and pursue their goals for the reasons that are important to them. We do this by taking a holistic financial planning approach and striving to utilize the latest technologies.

Partner Leads
Financial Engines
Youngstown, OH
Business Philosophy

Financial Engines is America’s largest investment advisor1. We help people achieve greater financial clarity by providing professional investment management, comprehensive financial planning and advice for everyday Americans. Financial Engines was co-founded in 1996 by a Nobel Prize-winning economist and we currently offer financial help to millions of people. Our unique approach, combined with powerful online services, dedicated advisors and personal attention both in and outside of the workplace, promotes greater financial wellness and helps more Americans get on track to meet their financial goals.

Timothy Donovan
FamilyWealth Management Group LLC
Pittsburgh, PA
Business Philosophy

Our Serve First Philosophy for 26 years. 1) Approcah all clients with human understanding 2) Help clients recognize problems and opportunities they face 3) As a direct result of our effort clients will recieve great value from our work and will benefit to the fullest degree from the financial resources they have accumulated.

Auxin Group Wealth Management, LLC
Carrollton, OH
Business Philosophy

Wealth Management requires a holistic approach. Auxin Group provides Financial and Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Portfolio Construction, Insurance Planning, and Liability Management services. In addition, we maintain strategic relationships with specialists in every aspect of the financial field to connect clients with the appropriate solution for whatever their need may be. Grounded with a deep-rooted understanding of economics, combined with over 15 years of experience at two of the largest investment firms in the world, we are committed to providing clients investment advice that places clients' interests ahead of advisor compensation. Our service model ensures that the unique and complex needs of our clients are always met

Michael McGervey
Michael McGervey
North Canton, OH
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