Wall Street/The IRA Rip Off

IRA Rip Off Impacts You

You are standing next to a pool of ravenous sharks. You have ten pounds of fresh meat in your hand that is dripping blood into the pool. The meat is the assets in your IRA. The sharks are financial advisors who want to control your investment decisions when you invest your IRA assets in the securities markets.


You spend years working for a company that sponsors a 401k plan. You contribute to your account each month and the company provides a matching contribution at the end of each year. You are protected by Department of Labor rules that govern 401ks. Plus, company executives are trustees and fiduciaries who are supposed to make decisions that are in the best interests of plan participants. And, there is a good chance your plan pays a 401k consultant to advise the trustees and educate you.

In other words, 401ks have an infrastructure and rules that protect you.

Rollover IRA

Then you retire and all of the support disappears overnight. Company trustees do not want to be responsible for the assets of retired employees. You are required to roll your 401k assets into a tax-deferred IRA.

Ready or not, you have sole responsibility for the investment of the assets that will impact your standard of living and financial security for the rest of your life.

Welcome to the Shark Tank!

Why are there no regulations that protect IRA assets?

Wall Street does not want any rules that restrict its ability to make money from your assets. The more vulnerable you are the more susceptible you are to sales tactics that are used by Wall Street advisors to gain control of your assets.

If this describes your situation, our surveys show there is a 77% probability you will select the advisor you "like" the best and "sounds" the best. That's because Wall Street sharks do not look like sharks. They look like nice, friendly dolphins to reduce your sales resistance.

Paladin says.....

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