Wall Street-Firms

Wall Street Firms

Is big necessarily better? Not when your money is involved. 

A Rigged Stock Market

Is the stock market rigged to benefit Wall Street firms? Of course it is. Wall Street firms control the markets, the regulators, and the politicians who make the rules that govern the industry. The number one goal of Wall Street executives is not helping you achieve your goals. They don't even know you. Their number one goal is maximizing the revenue they generate from your assets. Increased revenues mean increased bonuses.

Master Manipulators

What if Wall Street advertisements and sales pitches are not true? What if you are being manipulated so you will buy what Wall Street representatives are selling? You may not know you have been manipulated, until years from now, when you cannot afford to retire. We know the tricks of the trade. We increase your awareness to you can avoid them.

Brand Names

Some companies spend billions of dollars creating and supporting brand names. They know a significant percentage of investors believe they are safer if they select brand name firms. But, recent history shows a different story. The brand name firms have paid billions of dollars of fines for cheating investors. 

Public Companies

Big firms are also publicly traded firms. They have to maximize the amount of revenue they generate from your assets to keep the analysts happy. Plus, they have a lot of mouths to feed: Shareholders, directors, executives, managers, administrators, support staff, and financial advisors. 

Private Companies

You are better-off investing with small, locally owned, independent advisory firms that are headquartered in your city or state. There are no layers of shareholders, directors, and executives. The owners are the financial professionals who provide financial advice and services to you.

Local Companies

The best companies may be owned by professionals who live in your ciry or state. You have the opportunity to work with accessible company principals.

Unfortunately, these firms do not have big marketing budgets so you may not know they exist. 

Paladin says.....

Your best bet an independent, privately held advisory firm in your community.

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