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Select The Best Advisor

You have completed the advisor research phase. Your next step is selecting the advisor with the best qualifications, ethics, and business practices. Your last step is review and sign the advisor's service agreement.

The Independent Advisor

Make sure you select an independent professional who provides competent, ethical financial advice and services. Avoid advisors who work for firms that put their need to make money ahead of your need to achieve your financial goals. 

The Best Advisor

Financial advisors do not have track records. They do not have mandatory disclosure requirements. Independence is more important than brand names. So, how do you select the best advisor? You have to rely on information that documents their credentials, ethics, business practices, expense structures, and services. 

Service Agreements

Based on a Paladin survey, 89.7% of investors said they did not read advisor service agreements before they selected an advisor. This is a major mistake for the following reasons:

  • Agreements protect firms at your expense
  • Attorneys minimize firms' accountability and liability for damages
  • You or an attorney should read the agreement before you sign it

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