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The biggest mistake that investors make when they select financial professionals is selecting advisors with the best sales skills and not the best qualifications. Investors, who make this mistake, are excessively influenced by advisor personalities, sales pitches, undocumented sales claims, and brand names. None of these factors have anything to do with financial advisor expertise or integrity. Low quality advisors are by far the most dangerous because they rely on sales tactics to make their livings.

The Paladin Solution

Our solution is easy to use and very effective. We provide FREE tools that minimize the impact of advisor sales skills and tactics. Sales pitches are replaced with factual information that helps you make the right decisions. Deceptive sales  tactics are exposed so you can avoid them.

Paladin Select Tools

Paladin provides several tools that help you make the right decision when you select an advisor who will influence or control your financial decisions for the next several years. Your cannot be to careful when you select a financial advisor. A few minutes now can mean thousands of additional dollars for your future use. Paladin Select tools include: 

  • Research tools that gather, rate, and compare advisor responses
  • Guide for Minimizing the Impact of Advisor Sales Tactics
  • Guide for Reviewing Service Agreements
  • Guide for Interviewing Financial Advisors
  • Rating Sheet that compares key advisor characteristics

Paladin User Account

It is necessary to open a Paladin User Account to access these tools. We store advisor data and results in your User Account.



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