Retirement: Frequent Questions


Frequent Questions

Why does Paladin focus on retirement?

Retirement is the #1 reason why investors accumulate and preserve assets.

What are Americans' biggest retirement concerns?

There are four. Can I retire when I want to? Can I maintain my desired standard of living for the rest of my life? Will I have financial security late in life when I need it the most? And, the biggest concern is will I run out of money?     

How does Paladin specialize?

Our specialty area is investors who rely on financial or retirement planners and investment advisors to help them plan their futures and invest their retirement assets.

What problem does Paladin solve for me?

Advisors do not volunteer information that would cause you to reject their sales proposals. They withhold the information and hope you do not ask the right questions. You make a bad decision based on what you don't know.

What is the Paladin Registry?

It is a compendium of top quality financial planners and investment advisors. Paladin researchers screened the advisors. Then they documented their findings in online reports. You use the information to select the advisor with the best qualifications. 

How do advisors achieve Paladin’s 5 Star quality rating?

They must score in the 90th percentile or higher when Paladin's proprietary algorithm rates the quality of their credentials, ethics, and business practices.

Who scores the highest in the Paladin rating system?

The advisors with the most experience, best educations, best certifications, cleanest compliance records, and most investor friendly business practices.

What about advisors in the Registry who do not have 5 Star ratings?

All advisors, who are profiled in the Registry, must meet our minimum requirements. Advisors have the option of being rated by our proprietary algorithm.

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