Rate an Advisor

How to Rate Advisor Quality

Every financial advisor claims to be a trustworthy financial expert.

What else can they say when they know that is what you want to hear when you select a financial advisor?

Comparisons are Difficult

It is difficult to differentiate advisors when they all make the same claims. All too often people revert to subjective decision-making and select the advisor with the best sales pitch.

To complicate matters even more, every advisor has different combinations of education, experience, and certifications. This can make it difficult to compare them to each other. 

Our Tool Differentiates Advisors

Our tool makes it easy to rate the quality of financial advisors. The numeric ratings make it easy to compare advisors to each other. This will help you select the best advisor for the right reasons.

Top 10 Questions

All you have to do is answer a few basic questions about the backgrounds for each advisor. Of course, this assumes you obtained this information when you interviewed the advisors.

Every advisor should be willing to disclose this information to you - preferably in writing. If they don't provide the information you should exclude them from your selection process.

Our Algorithm

Our algorithm produces a score for advisor responses that makes it easy to compare advisors to each other.

You may want to select the advisor with the highest score or the advisor who has the highest score in a particular category, for example experience or certifications.

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