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Research Financial Advisors

"Your biggest financial risk is not investing in the stock market. It is what you may not know about your financial advisor" Source: Paladin Research & Registry, 2003

Millions of investors select bad advisors because they do not have processes that help them select high quality advisors and avoid low quality advisors. We provide the information you need to develop your own process. Our expertise helps you make the right decisions.

Advisors Control Data

Financial advisors want to control the information you rely on to make decisions so:

  • You hear what they want you to hear
  • They can omit information that may cause you to reject them
  • They can convince you they are financial experts
  • They sell you products that make them the most money
  • You have no record of what was said to you

You Control Data

There are several reasons why you should control information that impacts your decisions:

  • You obtain the information you need to make the right decision
  • You minimize the impact of advisor sales skills and tactics
  • You increase the accuracy of information that is presented to you
  • You have a written record of what was communicated to you

How to Research Advisors

Paladin provides important tips that put you in control of the information you need to research financial advisors the right way. You select the advisor with the best qualifications, not the best sales skills.

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