Research-Advisor Scorecard

Advisor Scorecard

You may have noticed that advisors have different experience, education, certifications, services, and compensation models. They also use different sales pitches to sell investment products and services. All of these differences make it very difficult to compare them to each other and select the best advisor. 

Paladin's RFI

Paladin's Request for Information is part of the solution. It gathers the same data from an unlimited number of financial advisors. We ask them the same questions and document their responses in the RFI. You know their answers, but they are on separate documents.

Paladin's Scorecard

Our solution is Advisor Scorecard. This Paladin tool arrays the key responses of advisors side-by-side so they are easy to compare to each other. Who has the most experience? Who has the best certifications? Who has the cleanest compliance record at the regulatory agencies? Scorecard makes the process of comparing multiple advisors easy.

Paladin Quality Ratings

However, you still have all of those differences (experience, education, certifications), so our Scorecard report includes an overall quality rating (zero to five stars) for each financial professional. The rating is based on a proprietary algorithm that measures the quality of each advisor's credentials, ethics, and business practices. For example, advisors who have years of experience score higher than advisors who have months of experience.

The Interview

You select the advisors with best overall quality ratings for interviews. We recommend you interview at least three advisors and select the professional with the best qualifications. 




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