Investing/Investment Strategy Overview

Investment Strategy

Every person should have four financial goals and an investment strategy for achieving the goals: 

  • Accumulate a specific amount of assets that will produce income during your retirement years
  • Achieve a comfortable, secure retirement
  • Never run out money during you or your spouse's lifetimes
  • Accomplish everything you dreamed about when you are retired

How Much?

It is going to take a lot of money to fund your retirement. Probably a lot more than you think. You have one and maybe two sources of income that is controlled by your employer and the government:

  • A pension plan that produces guaranteed income for life (increasingly rare)
  • Social security payments

You also have three primary sources, you control, that are based on savings and performance:

  • IRAs (Rollovers, savings)
  • Taxable savings accounts
  • Income producing products (annuities)

Following is a simple process that will help you determine the amount of assets you will need from sources that you control. Sample numbers are in parentheses.

  • Determine your gross annual income requirement ($130,000)
  • Deduct income from social security ($30,000)
  • Deduct income from guaranteed company pension plan (None)
  • The remainder is funded by savings and investment ($100,000)
  • Multiply by 25 if you plan to distribute 4% per year to cover living expenses
  • You need $2.5 million of assets to fund your retirement


Your strategy is simple: Maximize savings and performance consistent with your tolerance for risk. The execution of the strategy is complex. Do you have the personal discipline to maximize your savings amount? Who do you trust to help you invest your assets?

Paladin says.....

You are solely responsible for answering several critical questions. The quality of your responses will determine the effectiveness of your strategy and the probability you will accomplish your retirement goals.

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