You are bombarded with advertising messages, sales pitches, and the opinions of self-appointed financial experts on the 24 hour news channels. Mobile applications produce continuous streams of new information.

We know you don't need more information. You need insight, based on facts, that help you make better decisions when you invest assets that impact when you retire, how you live during retirement, and your financial security late in life when you need it the most.

Behind the Curtain

Wall Street is a mysterious group of big and small companies that invest other peoples' money. They are infamous for ripping off clients to benefit themselves. Our role is to give you an insider's view of what is going on behind the curtain:

  • How does Wall Street sell investment products?
  • Who is telling you the truth?
  • How do you protect your financial interests?
  • Who should you trust with your retirement assets?

Marketing Machine

Wall Street is the financial service industry that employs or licenses more than 650,000 advisors, planners, stockbrokers, and sales representatives. It provides financial services to millions of people who do not have the time, interest, or knowledge to conduct their own research and/or make their own decisions. 

Wall Street is also a marketing machine that wants to control the information you rely on to make your financial decisions. If it controls information it can control or influence your investment decisions. This would not be a problem if Wall Street put your financial interests first. But, you have seen the headlines. Wall Street firms have paid tens of billions of dollars of fines for cheating investors.

Whether you know it or not, this massive conflict of interest impacts you.


We do not provide investment information that is designed to influence or control your financial decisions. We are a FREE source of facts and insight that help you make the RIGHT financial decisions when you rely on Wall Street to help you invest your retirement assets. 

We never know what decisions you make. That's because you do not have to register to access Paladins Facts & Insights.

Your Decision

Information is a necessary evil. It is the basis for making informed decisions. Insight is even more important because it helps you make the right financial decisons.

We cover more than 30 critical topics that focus on Wall Street sales tactics, your performance, investment risk, investment expenses, and financial advisors. These are the critical elements for a successful investment experience.

We describe the topic, we provide key insights that increase your awareness, and we use "Paladin Says" to provide important tips that help you make better decisions. Each topic is covered on just one page! 

Paladin says.....

You will make better financial decisions when you know what we know.

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