For Investors-Overview

We Protect Investors

Every year millions of Americans fire financial advisors and select replacements. Unfortunately, a high percentage of them will choose replacements based on TV advertisements, sales pitches, brand names, undocumented sales claims, and questionable referrals. They hope their new advisors will produce better results than the terminated advisors. 

Do You Need Help?

There is an alternative to "hoping" you make the right decisions. Paladin provides the information and services you need to make the right decisions. Like it or not, there is only one person who can protect your financial interests. That person is you. We can help!

  • The more you know, the better prepared you are to protect your financial interests
  • The less you know the more vulnerable you are to Wall Street's predatory business practices

What We Do

We provide three types of FREE information services that help you make the right decisions when you select, retain, and replace advisors:

  • Information about financial advisors and firms (About Advisors, Library)
  • Tools that help you determine the quality of advisors and firms (For Investors)
  • A vetting and rating service for financial advisors and firms (Registry, Directory)

What We Don't Do

We do not:

  • Sell any type of financial advice, services, or products
  • Employ or license any financial advisors
  • Charge a fee for our information services 

How We Protect You

We provide FREE information and services that help you make the right decisions: 

  • You select advisors with the best qualifications and not the best sales skills
  • You retain advisors who produce competitive returns for reasonable risk and expense
  • You minimize your risk and expense when you replace advisors 

Paladin says.....

Do not underestimate the challenge you are facing when you select a financial advisor. You need assets for a secure financial future. Advisors need your assets to produce revenue and income. This core conflict impacts every investor in America.

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