For Advisors: Sales & Marketing


Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services increase the productivity of RIAs and IARs: 

  • A continuous flow of new prospects is half the battle
  • You still have to convert prospects into clients that produce revenue
  • You have one opportunity to create a positive first impression
  • The source of that impression may be the Internet - where you have 24 seconds


Prospects are great, but you still have to convert them into revenue producing clients. We can help you:

  • Convert more referrals into qualified prospects
  • Convert more prospects into revenue producing clients
  • Registry membership is not required

Thinking about offering Robo or Virtual financial advisory services? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Why Paladin?

We have some unique qualifications:

  • We have researched how investors select financial firms and advisors since 2000
  • We have researched how RIAs and IARs market financial services since 2003
  • We have worked with hundreds of RIAs and IARs to develop best practices
  • We know what works and what does not work
  • We know trends that will impact your future business strategy

Prospects to Clients

Our Digital Marketing services produce increased visibility on the Internet, traffic to your website, and prospects. Our consulting services help you solve marketing problems and convert more prospects into clients. 

Are you converting less than 50% of your prospects into clients? We can help.  


Ignore Robos at your own peril. They will be a force to be reckoned with in the future:

  • They are a low cost service provider
  • They have massive resources to promote their services
  • They are a source of low cost passive management
  • They are adding planning to their investment services
  • Brand names (Vanguard, Schwab) are in the Robo business

How should you respond? 

Virtual Advisors

Will investors embrace virtual advisors who limit communications to telephone, email, and Skype. Time will tell, but a lot of RIAs are interested in virtual business models that will expand their market areas to statewide or multi-state.

Are you interested in a virtual business model? 


Paladin will be partnering with FinTech firms that help RIAs and IARs win and retain new business.

Passive Management

There is increasing amounts of evidence that the majority of active managers do not beat the performance of passive alternatives. And, the same active managers do not beat the market every year. It is only a matter of time before more investors question the higher expenses of active management.

How will you respond?

Advisory Fees

There is no question, Robos and virtual advisors will put pressure on your fees. In particular, if you add passive management services and/or limit communications to telephone and Internet. You will have to add more value in the future to retain your current fee structure.

How will you justify your fees in the future?

Fiduciary Services

What if stockbrokers are held to the higher ethical standards of financial fiduciaries. How does that impact your current marketing strategy? Will investors know the difference?

Will you need new ways to differentiate you and your services?

Have a question?

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Ready to start interviewing financial advisors?

  • Our proprietary program connects you to the right financial advisors.
  • We validate and document advisor credentials, ethics, and business practices for you.
  • You select the advisors you want to interview.