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Investors Need Advisors

Surveys show the #1 business challenge for most financial advisors is a continuous flow of new prospects. We solve this problem for our members.

We have produced more than $50 billion of qualified prospects since 2003.

Low Cost Source

New client acquisition costs keep going up, up, and up. Paladin's fixed monthly or annual dues make us your low cost alternative for qualified referrals.


Your goal is a continuous flow of new prospects. However, it only takes one new client to cover the Registry's annual marketing expense for as many years as you retain the client. 

Investor Education

Our members benefit from our investor education content four ways:

  • Educational content produces traffic for our websites
  • Investors who are seeking information may also be seeking advisors
  • Our content educates investors to select members of the Registry
  • Educated investors are more likely to select vetted, rated advisors 

Marketing the Registry

We have five additional marketing strategies for the Registry that include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Networks, Affiliates, and Media Relations.

Qualifying Prospects

Step one is creating prospects. Step two is qualifying prospects. We use electronic filters and search consultants to review each investor's information before we match them to you. For example, we make sure their available assets exceed your minimum asset requirement.

Member Marketing

The last step in our process is to market you to investors four ways:

  • We match you to investors who meet your specific requirements
  • We provide a Directory that investors use to conduct their own searches
  • We provide online access to information about you
  • We route investors to your website and social pages

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Ready to start interviewing financial advisors?

  • Our proprietary program connects you to the right financial advisors.
  • We validate and document advisor credentials, ethics, and business practices for you.
  • You select the advisors you want to interview.