Frequently Asked Questions - For Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some members select Marketing-Only services?

They want services that will help them convert more prospects into clients.

Is virtual marketing different than traditional marketing?

Yes. Investors can use the Internet to find you and learn more about you without actually talking to you. What they see on the Internet can be their first and last impression of you.

Why do investors rely on Paladin to help them find advisors?

Paladin's Registry is the only online service that vets, rates, and documents the quality of financial advisors and firms.

How does my location impact my service level selection?

Select a Platinum or Gold service level if you are in a major city. Select Silver if you are in a smaller city. Select Bronze if you are the only member of the Registry in your market.

Do I pay the membership fee for each location?

No, you pay the membership once. You pay a referral fee for additional locations where you want referrals. 

How does Paladin differentiate me from other advisors? 

Investors can select a vetted, rated, documented professional from the Registry (you) or a non-vetted, unrated, undocumented advisor (your competiitor). 92.7% of investors say they prefer vetted, rated professionals.

How does Paladin produce a 5-Star quality rating?

We use a proprietary algorithm that rates the quality of your credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

Is Paladin's 5 Star rating a testimonial, endorsement, or recommendation?

No, it is a score that is produced by Paladin's proprietary algorithm. Advisors must score in the 90th percentile or higher to receive the 5-Star rating.

Do all of the advisors in the Registry have 5-Star quality ratings?

Yes. A 5-Star quality rating became a minimum requirement in 2005 when investors expressed concerns about meeting with advisors who had lower quality ratings.

How do members use the 5 star quality rating?

The rating differentiates them from other advisors who have not been vetted and rated by an independent thrid party.

Am I required to display Paladin's 5 Star icon on my profile?

No. It is an optional service. You can select a Registry icon that says you are a Member of the Registry.

Does Paladin provide a Registry icon I can publish on my website.

Yes. There are three types of icons: Member, 5-Stars, Certified 5-Stars (PR Certified).

Does Paladin screen prospects for me?

Yes. Our search consultants use electronic filters and tele-verification to screen investors before they are referred to you.

Does Paladin rotate matches between advisors?

Yes. We rotate matches based on service level, member requirements, and investor requirements.

Can investors select the advisors they want to talk to?

Yes. They can use our Directory application to find, view, compare, and select the advisors they want to talk to.

How many prospects can I expect from the Registry?

We need your input to answer this question. What is your service level? What is your location? What is your minimum asset requirement? What services do you provide?

How many clients do I need to cover Paladin's annual marketing expense?

The revenue from one client can cover the Registry's annual expense for as many years as you retain the client.

Can Paladin guarantee a minimum number of prospects?

There is no way we can predict how many investors will use the Internet and Registry to find advisors in your market.

Does Paladin sell my contact information to third parties?

Absolutely not. Your contact information is fully protected by our strict Privacy Policy that is audited by Truste.

Have another question?

Email or call 703.651-2060 (Eastern).

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