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Our Background

We started as an investor education service in April 2003. Our first website was based on the content of our book: Who's Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor (Wiley). We did not teach investors to select the best stocks. We taught them to select the best advisors.

We launched our first website in April 2004 that was based on the content of our book. Later that year we launched a second version of the site that included a Registry of more than 300 vetted, rated, documented RIAs and IARs. The Registry provided qualified referrals and marketing tools to these members.

The advent of Robos and other types of Online Financial Advisors caused many of our members to take a bigger interest in Internet marketing. Several of them approached Paladin about ways to improve their online results: Visibility, traffic, website conversions. 

We added Paladin Digital Marketing in 2014 to provide website and Internet marketing services. Our specialized expertise helped our members expand their online visibility and develop productive websites that produced qualified prospects for their services.

We added Virtual Consulting in 2015 when our members asked for ways to transition from out-of-date, brick & mortar strategies to new models that emphasized their use of the Internet to market their services. 

Our services continue to evolve as more investors use the Internet to find, research, validate, and select financial firms and professionals. 

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