Referral Service for Financial Advisors

Referral Service For Financial Advisors

Millions of investors have used our match tool and trusted us to connect with RIA's since 2004.

Lead Acquisition

Paladin Registry uses a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM; advertising – Pay-Per-Click Campaigns), to produce inbound investor leads for financial advisors who are listed in its Registry.

For example, there are more than 300,000 references to Paladin and the Registry on the Internet. Paladin also ranks for several hundred relevant keywords that investors use to find, research, and learn more about financial advisors.

Investor Profile

Paladin leads are individual investment ready verified investors who are seeking professionals who provide financial planning and investment services.

Inbound Digital Marketing

Paladin Registry leads are acquired using Online Inbound Marketing – that is, investors take the first step when they are actively seeking a financial advisor and initiate the contact.

Lead Verification

All leads are verified and validated by a team of specialists before they are matched to financial advisors who hold a vetted and approved membership with us.

Membership Pricing

You pay a monthly or annual membership fee plus a marketing fee for each lead. The membership fee covers Paladin’s expenses for operating the Registry. The marketing fee covers Paladin expenses for producing leads.


Registration is free, easy, and confidential. You open an account so Paladin Registry can password protect your information. You complete a questionnaire that Paladin uses for vetting and the development of your professional profile. Click here to get started.

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