How it Works

Two FREE Registry services connect you to vetted, documented financial advisors and firms:

  • Advisor Match
  • Advisor Directory

Use Advisor Look-up if you want to verify a financial advisor or firm has been vetted and documented by Paladin Research.

Advisor Match

Our most popular service, we match you to vetted, documented financial advisors and firms.

  • You tell us your requirements
  • We match you to advisors who meet your requirements
  • Advisor Match results are emailed to you

Advisor Directory 

Use our Directory application to select the financial advisors you want to talk to:  

  • Enter your zip code to view the Directory
  • Select the advisors you want to talk to
  • Compare advisors side-by-side
  • Go to Advisor Directory to find top quality advisors and firms

Advisor Look-Up

This FREE Registry service verifies advisors and firms have been vetted and documented by Paladin Research.

  • Enter advisor or firm names to view research reports
  • Notify Paladin if you believe an advisor or firm is making a false claim

Paladin says.....

Our Research and Registry services help you find and select competent, ethical financial advisors.


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