Frequent Question

Frequent Questions

Why interview advisors who are profiled in the Registry?

Our reports make it easy to research advisors before you interview them. You conduct in-depth interviews with advisors who have the best credentials, ethics, business practices, and services. You select the best advisor for the right reasons.

How does Paladin help me select the best financial advisor?

We provide the information you need to select the best financial advisor.

How does Paladin reduce my risk of selecting the wrong advisor?

We reduce the impact of advisor sales skills by providing the information you need to make objective selection decisions.

How does Paladin's match process work?

You tell us your requirements for financial advisors - for example, what services you need. We match you to vetted advisors who provide those types of services.

What is the significance of a Paladin research report?

We ask advisors 40 questions and document their responses for your records. This information helps you determine who you want to interview.

What is the significance of Paladin vetting?

Our vetting process reviews advisors' questionnaire responses and public data that are available on the Internet.

Why should I use Paladin's match service?

You do not waste time talking to lower-quality advisors who do not meet your requirements.

How am I notified when the match is complete?

You receive an email that introduces the advisors with links to their Paladin research reports.

How does Paladin save me time?

We gather data from advisors, we check the accuracy of the data, we review public data, and we document their responses for you.

How does Paladin facilitate my contact with advisors?

We email you advisor names with links to their online reports in our Registry. We simultaneously email your information to advisors so they can initiate contact by telephone or email.

How many advisors are referred to me for interviews?

We refer one to three advisors - subject to availability. We recommend talking to more than one advisor so you have a choice. You can also tell us how many advisors you want to interview.

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