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Paladin Research Report For:

Financial Freedom LLC

Key Contact: Allen Osgood

I. Snapshot

A. Key Contact Name
  • Allen Osgood
  • Telephone: (800) 503-9500
B. Combined Credentials of Key Professionals
  • Number of Firm Professionals: 3
    Average Years of Experience: 17
    Combined Degrees: 4
    Certifications: 3
C. Firm Record of Compliance
  • No Disclosures
D. Assets Under Management & Advisement
  • $200,000,000
E. Minimum Asset Requirement
  • $1,000,000
F. Types of Client Relationships
  • Traditional
  • Virtual

II. Contact Information

A. Key Contact
  • Allen Osgood
B. Main Location
  • 5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 210
    Malvern, Pennsylvania, 19355
C. Additional Locations
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Sarasota, Florida
D. Telephone
  • Main: 800.503.9500

III. Internet

A. Website URL

IV. Firm(s)

A. Name of Firm
  • Financial Freedom, LLC
B. Name of Registered Investment Advisor
  • Financial Freedom, LLC
C. Name of Broker/Dealer
  • None

V. Professionals

VI. Firm Registration, Licensing, Compliance

A. Firm Registration (Advice & Services for Fees)
  • RIA
B. Type of RIA Registration
  • SEC
C. Firm Licenses (Commission Products)
  • Securities: No
  • Insurance: No
D. Firm Registration & License Numbers
  • CRD: 2825858
  • IARD: 118772
  • Insurance: None
E. Firm State Licensing
  • Investment Products for Commission: Not Applicable
F. Financial Fiduciary (Advice & Services for Fees)
  • Yes
G. Firm Record of Compliance
  • No Disclosures
  • No Disclosures
  • State Securities: No Disclosures
  • State Insurance: No Disclosures
H. Additional Disclosure(s)
  • None
I. View Firm ADV
  • Available Upon Request
J. Links to Regulatory Agencies and Associations

VII. Business Data & Practices

A. Firm Business Philosophy
  • Read Business Philosophy

    Financial Freedom provides Fee-Only Wealth Management Services which includes comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve their life goals and objectives. Unlike many planners, we are Fee-Only Financial Planners. Fee-only planners are compensated solely on the basis of fees paid by their clients and do not accept any commissions or compensation from any other sources. This form of compensation should provide you with a high-level of confidence that you are receiving objective recommendations. Additionally, when working with clients on an on-going basis, we do so utilizing a flat retainer arrangement versus any percentage of assets under management formula.

B. Minimum Asset Requirement
  • $1,000,000
C. Number of Current Clients
  • 70
D. Assets (Management, Advisement)
  • $200,000,000
E. Methods of Compensation
  • Fixed Fee
  • Asset-Based Fee
F. Methods of Communication
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Skype/Voice
  • Skype/Video
  • GoToMeeting (or similar service)
G. Types of Reports (Frequency)
  • Performance (Annually)
  • Brokerage Statement (Monthly)
  • Market Environment (Semi-Annually)
  • Other: Semiannual Portfolio Data Base Updates and Rebalancing. Other on-going Updates as Needed.
H. Value Statement
  • View Value Statement
    Our objective is to add value to the achievement of your life goals and objectives and not to be just another expense. We provide an annual performance package where we list all of the financial planning that we have provided and we compare your actual portfolio investment returns to industry benchmarks. This allows us to have a conversation with each client about whether we have added value and whether our fees have been a good investment.

VIII. Clients & Services

A. Types of Firm Clients
  • Individuals & Couples (Working)
  • Individuals & Couples (Retired)
B. Types of Financial Services
  • Planning Advice & Services
  • Investment Advice & Services
C. Discretionary Asset Management
  • No
D. Limited Engagement Services
  • Investment Portfolio Reviews
E. Custodian(s)
  • Fidelity Investments

IX. Certification

Firm Name
  • Financial Freedom LLC
Most Recent Update:
  • Feb 5, 2019