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Jeremy DiTullio

Cleveland Financial Group

2001 Crocker Rd. Suite 400
Westlake, OH 44145

About Jeremy DiTullio

Cleveland Financial Group is dedicated to comprehensive financial planning for executives, business owners and retirees. We appreciate that successful professionals are committed and diligent in their work and they expect the same from their trusted advisor.

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Cleveland Financial Group is a marketing name for registered representatives of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Jeremy DiTullio is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Securities and investment advisory services offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker-dealer (member SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Insurance offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies. It is not our position to offer legal or tax advice. We encourage you to seek the advice of an attorney or accountant prior to making tax-related investment and/or insurance decisions. CRN-5700241-052323 provides client referrals to financial professionals of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation ("LFA"). is not a current client of LFA for brokerage or investment advisory services. LFA's financial professionals pay cash compensation to for client referrals, which gives a financial incentive to make client referrals to LFA's financial professionals, resulting in a conflict of interest.< For information regarding LFA's investment advisory services, please review LFA's Form CRS and Forms ADV, Part 2A, which are available at:

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