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Paladin Research Report For:

John Bahr

Integrity Wealth Advantage, LLC (FSC Securities Inc.)

John Bahr, a financial fiduciary has been a Paladin Registry member since 2020. John holds the Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist certifications and has over 27 years of experience. John provides financial services to clients in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area.

I. Snapshot

A. Registry Member
  • Since 2020
B. Years of Experience
  • 27
C. College Degrees
  • University of Delaware - BA
D. Certifications
  • CRPS®
E. Financial Fiduciary
  • Yes
F. Business Philosophy
G. Asset Requirement
  • $50,000

II. Contact Information

A. Key Contact
  • Did Not Answer
B. Main Location
  • 1340 Environ Way
    3rd Floor
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27517
C. Telephone
  • 919.414.9092
D. Comments
  • Creating, Preserving and Distributing Wealth with Integrity.

III. Internet

B. Social Connections

IV. Firm(s)

A. Name of Firm
  • Integrity Wealth Advantage, LLC (FSC Securities Inc.)
B. Relationship to Firm
  • Independent Contractor
C. Name of RIA
  • Integrity Wealth Advantage, LLC (FSC Securities Inc.)
D. Name of Broker/Dealer
  • FSC Securities, Inc.
E. Name(s) of Custodian(s)
  • Pershing LLC

V. Credentials

A. Years of Financial Experience
  • 27 Years
B. College, Degrees, Years
  • University of Delaware - BA
D. Financial Industry Associations (Active Memberships)
  • Financial Services Institute

VI. Registration, Licensing,

A. RIA/IAR Registration
  • IAR
B. Type of RIA Registration
  • SEC
C. Industry Licenses
  • Securities License(s)
  • Insurance License(s)
D. Registration & License Numbers
  • CRD: None
  • IARD: None
  • Insurance: None
E. State Licences
  • Financial Advice, Services for Fees: North Carolina
  • Investment Products for Commission: North Carolina
  • Insurance Products for Commission: See List
    • North Carolina
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
F. Compliance Record (Investment)
  • No Disclosures
G. Compliance Record (Insurance)
  • No Disclosures
H. Criminal Disclosure(s)
  • None
I. Additional Disclosure(s)
  • None
J. View our ADV(s)
  • Available Upon Request
K. Links

VII. Business Data & Practices

A. Business Philosophy
B. Minimum Asset Requirement
  • $50,000
C. Number of Current Clients
  • 85
D. Assets (Management, Advisement)
  • $60,000,000
E. Methods of Compensation
  • Hourly Fee
  • Fixed Fee
  • Asset-Based Fee
  • Commissions (Investment Products)
  • Commissions (Insurance Products)
F. Methods of Communication
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Skype/Voice
  • Skype/Video-Voice
G. Types of Reports (Frequency)
  • Performance (Quarterly)
  • Brokerage Statement (Quarterly)
  • Market Environment (Monthly)
  • Newsletters (Monthly)
H. Second Language(s)
  • None
I. Value Statement
  • Not Available

VIII. Clients & Services

A. Types of Clients
  • Individuals & Couples (Working)
  • Individuals & Couples (Retired)
  • Business Pension Plans
  • Business (Taxable)
B. Types of Financial Services
  • Planning Advice & Services
  • Investment Advice & Services
  • Insurance Products
  • Investment Products (Commission)
C. Discretionary Asset Management
  • Discretionary and Non-Discretionary
D. Limited Engagement Services
  • Planning Only
  • Financial Plan Reviews
  • Investment Portfolio Reviews

IX. Certification

Advisor Name
  • John Bahr
Most Recent Update:
  • Mar 9, 2020